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Wellbeing II

Activity 1: anger iceberg

1. Use the metaphor of the iceberg to explore 'secondary emotions' - in this case, the emotions that lie under the surface.


2. This could be worked into a piece of art with felt tip pens, looking at the colours individuals associate with anger and each emotion that underlies it.

Activity 2: wrapping fragile feelings

Write down fragile feelings and wrap them in newspaper, bubble wrap, packing tape and string. These could serve as a structure for a sculpture or doll.

The Butterfly metaphor is often used to represent transformation and symbolic death as people go through a period of challenge in their lives and are reborn into a new way of understanding or seeing.

Activity 4: butterfly wings 

I created the images below on my laptop by cutting and pasting sections of butterfly wings that I found on a search engine.

For a more kinesthetic approach make some large black and white photocopies of butterfly wings for people to trace off. 


1. Draw 6 x 4 inch boxes on a piece of tracing paper (as above) and trace different sections from the sheets provided. Here's one example below:

2. There are so many ways one can go from here. One example could be using oil pastels and then reflecting on the colours you have used and why you may have used them.

Activity 3: we all are one

This 30 piece template can be increased in size and used for a group to emphasize community and our need for companionship. 

1. Increase this template to A2 size. I would do this by photocopying the image on two A3 pieces of paper. You could make it bigger and enlarge onto 4 x A3!

2. Line your photocopies up with a few small pieces of sticky tape and back them onto thick card.


3. Cut out your jigsaw pieces.

4. Each person can collage their own jigsaw piece with 'together', 'fitting in' or 'puzzled' as the overall title for this project.

Made by SheepBlue.

* Have a look at the work of Susan Kaprov for inspiration and check out 'puzzle art' on Pinterest.

* You could recycle and old jigsaw.

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