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other ideas for positivity

● Take pictures of things you think are beautiful - you can print these, frame them and put them on your wall. 


You could store your prints in a box file which can help lift mood.


You could cover the box file in a collage of pictures which will help make it your own.

Activity 1: patterns in nature

Some photographers have captured 

geometric patterns in nature like the rocks at Giant's Causway, snowflakes, shells, flowers, etc. Look into sacred geometry.


Activity: Take some abstract pictures in nature that could be turned into art.



Photograph by Richard K Potter.

Kew Gardens


photography and Mindfulness

I recommend combining landscape or cityscape photography with walking mindfully to enrich the experience. People who do this will inevitably notice more!


Here are some of my own photographs with some information on Mindfulness: 

Click on image.

Activity 3: adding your own colour

1. Photocopy one of your pictures of a landscape or cityscape that you have taken onto tracing paper. Make sure that the machine is on the lightest setting.


2. On the reverse side of the tracing paper colour in the image using markers. Use Magic Markers if you can afford them.


3. Stick your trace on white paper using Spray Mount or a glue stick.


Idea by Richard K Potter.


Activity 2: photo montage

Create a photo montage by cutting sections of your photographs/printouts and pasting them together.


*You could achieve this by using Photoshop or Microsoft software if you don't have Apple.

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