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Activities II

Activity 1: sacred geometry

1. Use a compass and pencil to draw some sacred geometrical shapes like the Flower of Life or Tree of Life. 


This can help with Mindfulness by focusing the mind and it has therapeutic value. 

The Flower of Life


It is well worth investigating these, looking at their meaning and link it with Crop Circles.

Crop Circle of The Flower of Life


You could tie this in with a Land Art group project.

Activity 2: mandalas

The Mandala (Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion”) has a long history and is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. You can now buy books of mandalas to colour in, which some people find cathartic.


1. To start a Manadala piece I would divide a large circle into 32, as shown below:

2. You could then use these lines to trace any objects on or within the spokes so that they form a pattern. Use whatever medium you like to colour up your design.

This is beautiful example of a mandala painted with watercolour paints.

Activity 4: found art 

One of my students made the piece below, using bits and pieces he found in lofts and under floors during renovations, which he collected over time. When he came across a piece of picture glass he decided to make a frame from some recycled oak flooring and viola! 

Made by Chris Clarke.

Chris 2.jpg

Activity 5: canvas tree cutout

1. Draw your image on the reverse side of the canvas and then cut out with a scalpel.


2. Paint remaining artwork with black acrylic to create a silouette effect.

Idea by diyagnes.

Activity 6: silouette profile

It could be fun to create one of these by:


1. Photographing your profile.


2. Printing it out to the size that you want.


3. Tracing it with tracing paper or normal paper with a lightbox.


4. Colouring it in with a black marker (and frame if you wish)

5. You could use a white gell pen to create a 'text and image' piece called 'Words that make me up'.


Idea by Richard Potter.

Activity 7: mosaic in a CD case

Use lentils, beans and dried vegetables to make a mosaic in a CD case.


Glue in place with PVA, let dry and close cover. You could line the case with sticky plastic rather than glue.


Idea by Mrs Hahn.

Activity 8: Working with wood

This is another one of Chris Clarke's delightful pieces, which speaks for itself.

Chris 1.jpg
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