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C4W Promotional Material

C4W is constantly evolving and I am always adding more activities to the site and refining it, moving forward. Here are some promotions you might like to 'pin' and share on Pinterest. It's thanks to you passing C4W on that this site can benefit so many.

C4W & Arts & Health South West

A big thank you to Hannah Mumby for featuring C4W on the Arts and Health South West website!

C4W has featured in:

The Sussex Local Magazine

June, 2016 Issue

Article by Lynn Smith

The 'NZ Listener'

'New Zealand's biggest current affairs magazine'.

January, 2017 Issue

Feature article by Nicky Pellegrino

'Sussex Life' magazine

March, 2017 Issue

Feature article by Duncan Hall

C4W in the 'NZ Listener'

Nicky Pellegrino contacted me for this article after seeing my website on Google:

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