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About the Artist

Richard K Potter

My own belief about art is that it is universal; a shared experience and that an artist should be interested in the emotional integrity of his work. Art should awaken the senses and give something to the viewer whether it is aesthetic or experiential. Art, I feel, should have a human face and a warm heart awakening the innate creativity in others. 


My early years were spent in Belgium and Spain until the age of ten when we came back to the UK. I took a Media and Design degree at Portsmouth as a mature student, a PGCE in Art and Design in Bath and an MA in Cultural and Critical Theory at Brighton. I enjoy the History of Art and architecture and draw inspiration from images, text, nature and the built environment.

Creating a website full of inspirational art activities for people is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I wanted it to be a gift and a free resource for anyone to use and benefit from.


I am ever more aware of the need for creativity in our communities to give us back a sense of belonging and personal empowerment. I would also like this website to benefit men and women from the armed forces and civilians dealing with the trauma of war. 


In sincerely hope that you have enjoyed using this site: if you have, I kindly ask that you pass it on to others who can enjoy it too. Thank you.


Best wishes,



If you are looking for an Arts Facilitator with a vision for change, with the capacity to build creativity into the community then do get in touch!

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