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3D Projects

tree houses?

Picture: South Downs National Park website 

This is a wonderful idea for a school or community project as long as there is a professional using the power tools to make the bird boxes. It is a good idea to keep them out of range of domestic cats too.

You may want to turn your bird box into a work of art by painting it with different colours, adding mosaic tiles, cladding it with different textures or making your own design of a bird box. 

Thornton Estate art installation, Yorkshire

This community project in Hull is called 'I Wish to Communicate with you'. As part of Hull's 'UK City of Culture 2017' this installation has been created by fitting tinted filters in communal lighting areas and using coloured sheets to cover window panes. 

Thornton Estate.jpg

Initial concept developed by Silvio Palladino.

Here is a bird box plan that you could use, though there are others on the internet.

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