‘Shinrin-yoku II’

This is the second of two Forest Bathing inspired paintings called ‘Shinrin-yoku II’ that will go up in The Old School Surgery, Seaford soon.


I am convinced of the health benefits of walking in nature. For me, forest bathing has a Mindful aspect to it and I would recommend spending time in nature to everyone. It has an unspoken language that whispers to us through the rustling leaves and through the smell of falling rain.


I have been painting and exhibiting for many years and my work has recently featured in the Sussex Life magazine. If you want to have a look at more of my work, you can find it on: www.richardkpotter.wixsite.com/richard. 


I am looking for a good art agent and gallery for my next exhibition if my work is of interest to you.


Richard K Potter BA Hons PGCE MA

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